Works of fiction by Douglas Schwartz

Spilt Milk
Spilt MilkReview: "A little spilt milk can cause a BIG FLOOD of problems as demonstrated by author Douglas Schwartz in his picture book, SPILT MILK. As the title promises, spilt milk is the problem presented in this book. Main character, Monkey Pants, is as unique as she is creative. When her milk spills, the adventure begins. Hold on to your hats in this one because you're in for a ride. This story is full of twists and turns.

The story's text provides a multitude of imagery such as, "Monkey and Anson paddled up to a chef using a large bowl like a boat and a large spatula like an oar." Illustrator, Jordan Beckvonpeccoz's artwork is simplistic but expressive.

Every child has experienced spilt milk or spilt liquids of some sort. It's a right of passage into adulthood where we spill less but still spill, all the same. I think children ages four to seven will enjoy the adventure this story provides."
Sharon Coffey
(February 19, 2018)

Pickled Bananas and Other Schwartz Stories
Pickled Bananas and Other Schwartz StoriesReview: "Pickled Bananas is full of wit and whimsy. Fantastic things happen to normal people, and normal things happen to fantastic people. The book contains lots of surprising situations, turns of phrase, good humor, fun characters, and silliness -- mixed with some heartfelt, poignant moments and life lessons. The style and tone remind me a lot of Douglas Adams and Neil Gaiman. If you like them, you'll like this collection."
Ryan Pollack
(June 15, 2016)

Checkered Scissors
Checkered ScissorsReview: "...a goofy, whacky, and quite unique tale of one man's journey to recover his lost magical scissors."
Quella on
(December 18, 2016)

A Rarity, Artley
A Rarity, ArtleySummary: The story of Danny Artley, a young artist struggling for recognition and acceptance.

This tale is dedicated to all the rarities in the world. To all the dreamers, weirdos, whackos, strange agents,...pretty much anyone who sees the world differently and feels like they need to explain their unique vision to the rest of the world. To all the artists, authors, musicians, poets, scientists, sculptors, and so on, who give that unique vision definition and clarity. To all the shunned, ignored, misunderstood, forgotten,...This tale is for you. Enjoy!

(Approximately 14,500 words)

Self-Made Witch
Self-Made WitchReview: "This was excellent! I enjoyed every bit start to finish! I would love to see Trudy in another story!"
(June 16, 2016)

Muggle Studies
Muggle StudiesSummary: In the US, middle-aged muggle, Tony Wilson, has finally received his calling as a wizard. He learns about his newly discovered magical abilities while taking on the role of the muggle studies teacher. While Tony teaches about the lives of muggles, the staff at the school study Tony to learn more about his latent magical abilities. This story is for all who await their calling.

Muggle Studies is a work of original fan fiction.

Party Trap
Party TrapReview: "It was actually very good, with an actual plot rather than random nonsense that I have come to expect of Hitchhiker's Guide fanfiction. And your writing style - hats off! You totally nailed it - it was like I was reading a one shot written by Adams himself. And the humour was actually really good - not tacky and forced as it generally is in a lot of fanfiction."
(February 07, 2016)

More Than Dalek
More Than DalekReview: "A brilliant idea to use an octopus and merge it with a Dalek. It would be something terrifying. And the end was rather chilling. :)"
(May 03, 2015)

JammedSummary: When the TARDIS is stuck in space in the path of an oncoming planet, the Doctor enlists the help of an astronomer. Will he be able to move the Old Girl in time? Or, will she become a spectacular addition to this year's meteor shower?

Jammed is a work of original fan fiction.

Wyrd World II (Anthology)
Wyrd World II (Anthology)Review: "From whimsical to witty, from bleak to full-blown apocalyptic, this collection of short stories has as many different worlds to discover as it does stories."
L.W. Stuart
(October 10, 2014)

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